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Highway between Berlin and Warsaw Received a New Name

October 14th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The highway between Warsaw and Berlin got the official name a few days ago, since the ceremonial opening of the sign took place on the German part of the highway. The ceremony occurred on the 9th of October 2014.

The sign was ceremonially opened by Jan Lityński (President of Poland advisor) and Katharina Reiche (German Deputy Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure). They ceremonially opened the sign standing next to the highway on the German side, a few kilometers away from Frankfurt (Oder).

The drivers on this side of the border welcomed the board with the title “Highway of the Liberty” (“Autobahn der Freiheit”). The speeches presented on this occasion were about the events passed 25 years ago and about Polish or German freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union when the Iron curtain fell down.

This ceremony was also accompanied by Lubusz Duke, Mr. Jerzy Ostrouch and Deputy Marshal of the Lubusz region Bogdan Nowak. From the German side there was J. Vogelsänger, the minister of infrastructure and agriculture of Brandenburg region. After the official ceremony, delegations passed to the informal meeting, where they could discuss about the different aspects of cooperation between the regions on Lubusz border with Brandenburg.

The full program of the event:

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