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Highlighting the Importance of Africa in Solving Global Problems

March 24th, 2014

News from Berlin - Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Steinmeier touched down in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa to begin his visit of Africa which will last until March 23rd. The trip, which will take him from Ethiopia to Tanzania and Angola, is to underline Germany’s commitment to the aforementioned states and highlight the German belief that global problems should be tackled by including African actors. The tour can also be seen as a stepping stone towards a higher degree of economic cooperation, as well as social and cultural exchanges between the participating countries. Steinmeier’s visit can also be seen as a confirmation of Europe’s willingness to increase cooperation with African countries, especially in light of the upcoming EU-Africa Summit at the beginning of April.

Overall, it is clear that Germany wants to see African states given a larger role in global issues. The predominant view includes the notion that with the continent’s diverse cultural and political background and practices, it can offer a wealth of views and expertise that can become invaluable on the global scene. Whilst Steinmeier is currently still in Ethiopia, he plans on visiting Tanzania next and Angola on Wednesday before flying back to the Foreign Ministry in Berlin.

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