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Hidden - Art Exhibition at the Mexican Embassy in Berlin

“Nothing is closer to the truth then what's hidden”

June 11th, 2015

News from Berlin – The Mexican Embassy in Berlin is hosting an exhibition of contemporary art until June 25th. Entitled “Hidden”, the exhibition was created by a Mexican artist living in Berlin, Beatriz Morales, who studied at the School of Fine Art in Florence, Italy.

Born in 1981 in Mexico City, Beatriz Morales lives and works in both Mexico City and Berlin. She has studied painting, ceramics and fashion design. Her work is characterized by expressionist illustration and an abstract collection. Morales has already given several exhibitions in various countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Mexico and Switzerland. Among some of her upcoming projects she is giving exhibitions in Basel, Berlin, Vienna and Mexico City. She has also been selected to appear in the book "The World in the hands, Mexican artists abroad" edited and published this year by AMEXCID.

Through this exhibition, “The Hidden Truth” and “Wonderland” the artist mixes figurative representation and expressionist colors. The “Hidden Truth Series” is a collection of abstract paintings which leave the observer wondering what it was that she wanted to draw. A layer of color covers the key picture and leaves us wondering what is happening here. In this project Morales combines various techniques in an elegant and original way. The subjects are abstract and less tangible leaving everyone free to interpret them and find the truth that is hidden in them. In addition to works from the “Hidden Truth Series” the current exhibition also includes an excerpt from the Wonderland cycle, a collection more creative in form, colors and composition. The aim of the exhibition is to promote this school of art and it is a greater contribution to the innovation of drawing and painting.

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