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Hello World an Exhibition worth Much More than a Simple “Hello”

For those looking to delve into Berlin’s contemporary art scene, the Hamburger Banhof, a 19th century train station refurbished as a museum, is the place to start

June 25th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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The Banhof at the center of Berlin is throbbing with more mainstream art culture, and although it is a far cry from Berlin’s captivating dark alleyways and independent galleries, this is a place worth visiting.

Here you may find de Beuys intricate works embedded by spiritualism, alongside Basquiat’s rhythmic graffiti, as well as newly uncovered contemporary Balinese artists mixing their vibrant culture with their own takes on Pollock and other western artists.

Especially noteworthy is the current exhibition entitled Hello World  (28-04 to 26-08) which revisits the museum’s permanent collection by encouraging beholders to adopt a new way of looking at and appreciating art. 

Hello World encompasses works from over 250 artists borrowing works from Berlin Museums and worldwide collections in order to merge art forms and mediums while blurring territorial and spatial lines in order to focus on artistic concepts.

The main question poised by Hello World is: “How can the Nationalgalerie further develop the pluri-vocal curatorial concepts introduced in the exhibition in order to do justice to worldwide artistic exchange?”

I encourage you to wander across this vast space which reminds one of the Quai d’ Orsay’s architectural beauty all the while noticing this collection’s unique flair of artistic genius and multicultural dynamism.

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Hamburger Banhof Museum Main Hall


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