Hamburg Port Anniversary

South Africa is the 2018 Hamburg Port Partner

June 06th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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South Africa will be this year’s Partner Country at the Hamburg Harbour Anniversary.

Ambassador Stone Sizani, on behalf of the Government of South Africa, sincerely appreciates being selected as this year’s Partner country for the 829th Hamburg Port Anniversary. This historic commemoration which dates back to 1189, and to the reign of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, also coincides with the centenary celebrations of a great icon of South Africa and the world, Nelson Mandela. South Africa and Germany will be co-hosting many projects including a historic event to be formally announced soon to honor Nelson Mandela. 

South Africa and Germany share a deep historical bond, as the dividing Wall came down in Berlin which was followed by the collapse of the dividing wall of apartheid in South Africa. This year South Africa and Germany will also celebrate their “Strategic Relationship” with the 10th Bi-national Commission, which has been held in both South Africa and German. It was inaugurated by the late President Nelson Mandela as well as late Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 1996.

South Africa’s history, specifically hosting peaceful elections in 1994, resulted in the creation of a strong constitutional democracy which is committed to overcoming inequality, poverty and unemployment, through the National Development Plan 2030. It is a testament to the countries pursuit of creating a better live for all, united in its diversity.

Not afraid to confront the challenges South Africa faces, they always seem to be able to overcome any issues they might face and grow through their past and present experiences.

Today the country is on the rise, with over 600 German companies operating and expanding their investments in South Africa and using South Africa as a platform into Africa. Trade visits to South Africa especially from the Federal States and cities are multiplying every year. Bilateral Trade continues to increase exponentially.

The economy continues to show signs of growth and some financial institutions have identified South Africa as one of the top emerging markets for 2018. South Africa is a destination of choice for over 300,000 Germans each year, visiting as tourists and promoting people to people cooperation. South Africa is a beautiful country and we welcome even more Germans to this warm, friendly and rainbow nation. South Africa recognizes that over 25 companies from Hamburg maintain strong trade linkages with South Africa and also recognize the number of high value tourists that visit from Hamburg. 

The Embassy also appreciates the efforts by the Southern African Chamber of Commerce to further promote South African–German Business linkages. A business seminar on South Africa will be hosted as well and will be addressed by Ambassador Stone Sizani, Christi Degen, Director of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Frank Horch Minister of Economic, Transport and Innovations of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. In addition, Helen Zille Premier of the Western Cape will also speak at the event as part of the Hamburg Port Anniversary.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will soon be hosting an investment conference inviting countries like Germany to continue expanding their economic engagement in South Africa. The President in his State of the Nation address in 2018 quoted a song from a famous South African singer, the late Hugh Masikela, called “Thuma Mina.” He refers to the lyrics “I want to lend a hand send me.” 

This special Hamburg Port Anniversary reflects those words as they are being converted to deeds as Hamburg “lends a hand” by partnering and working together with South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela and to build a new, better South Africa for all.


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