H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr Promotes Thai-German Innovation Partnership with Thai Professionals

H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr lauds potential cooperation between ATPER, Thailand and Germany at Meeting with The Assocation of Thai Professionials in European Region (ATPER)

August 06th, 2019
Christina Vassell, News from Berlin
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H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr attended the meeting of the Thai Professional Association in European region (APTER) held between 2nd and 4th August 2019.

The Association of Thai professionals in the European region (Atper) is the association of Thai researchers, scientists and innovators in Europe. This year, the annual meeting focused on the topic of applied research and innovation in reference to the Thailand 4.0 strategy.
In Europe, there are a lot of Thai professionals in different sectors of industries ranging from are scholars, researchers, teachers, experts, but the meeting demonstrated a redundancy of professionals in the branch of medical, computer, engineering, and the sciences.

APTER held the annual meeting in düsseldorf and invited high-ranking guests from public and private sectors. The Ambassador gave a programmatic speech on cooperation opportunities between APTER, Thailand and Germany, with the aim of promoting the Thai-German innovation partnership.

H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr lauded the initiative set up by Thai professionals in the European region as it facilitates the intermixing of social and cultural capital between Thai nationals or diaspora within Europe, and to be a network in exchange and convey innovation and knowledge specifically in Germany.

At the presentation of the research from members of the APTER members, H.E. Amb. Dhiravat Bhumichitr together with the Embassy of Thailand in Berlin, opened the meeting by highlighting the significance of Germany's innovation policy.

The policy, which can be applied to the APTER organisation, promotes innovation and development of the country according to strategy Thailand 4.0, as well as the cooperation guidelines between the embassy in Berlin and APTER in the future to promote the creation of technology and innovation activities to further develop the country too.


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