GRULAC Film Festival in Berlin

Berlin Embassies Unite to Promote an Enriching Cinematographic Experience

June 13th, 2017
Raquel Alberto de la Fuente, News from Berlin

An ensemble of Latin American and Caribbean Embassies in Berlin have organized the first ever GRULAC film festival in Berlin with the intention of spreading their rich cultural diversity above and beyond their national borders.

Since April 19th 2017, everyone in Berlin is invited to join the launch of the Cervantes Institute Film Festival, which will center its cinematographic content on Latin American and Caribbean productions.

The festival will include 14 film screenings, each taking place on Wednesday at the Cervantes Institute, and will last a total of 6 months in duration. Each Wednesday will be assigned to one of the 21 partnering countries, which in turn will select and project a film that they consider to be representative of their country’s film culture.

The film festival commenced with the Uruguayan film “Ingeniero” (April 19th) and will later on include screenings of movies from countries such as Bolivia, Haiti, Nicaragua and Peru, in between the other 21 partnering countries.
The main aim of this festival is to share and present quality films from Latin American and Caribbean countries which are underrepresented in the international context. Some of the films which will be exhibited in the coming weeks include: Jamaica’s “I Am Bolt” (June 14th), Paraguay’s “El Tiempo Nublado” (June 21st) and Guatemala’s “Abrazos” (June 28th).

Through this iconic Film Festival, the Cervantes Institute in Berlin aims to protect Hispanic heritage around the world, whether that is through the promotion of individual artists or of the individual and collective events that embody and represent Hispanic culture.


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