Greece: Guest Country at VieVinum 2024

Mediterranean culture meets Viennese hospitality as Greece prominently features at Austria’s largest wine fair

June 03rd, 2024
Yevheniia Symakova, News from Berlin
20240603 Greece.jpg

From May 25 to 27, 2024, the VieVinum wine fair in Vienna featured 19 distinguished Greek winemakers, providing them with an opportunity to present their wines to the Austrian public. As Austria’s largest wine exhibition, VieVinum brings together winemakers from Austria and guest countries, offering a space for wine enthusiasts to meet, taste and share insights.

The event’s opening ceremony was attended by Federal Minister Norbert Totschnig and several notable guests, including Johannes Schmuckenschlager, President of the Winegrowers’ Association, and Chris Yorke, Head of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board.

In his speech, Georgios Iliopoulos, the Greek Ambassador and representative of the guest country, discussed the importance of wine in Greek culture. He noted that wine in Greece is more than just a beverage, as it connects history, culture and social interaction, and has intellectual and religious significance. He also highlighted the diversity and quality of Greek wines.

This year’s VieVinum provided an opportunity to explore the interaction of different cultures through wine. With Greece as the guest country, the event featured a range of Mediterranean wines, highlighting the country’s long-standing vinicultural heritage.

Greek winemakers presented a range of wines, including aromatic whites from Santorini and robust reds from the Peloponnese. This variety provided attendees with an opportunity to experience Greece’s distinct terroirs and winemaking practices. The event included masterclasses and tasting sessions, allowing participants to learn about the characteristics of Greek wines with the guidance of expert sommeliers and the winemakers.

The fair demonstrated how wine can serve as a cultural bridge, encouraging connections between countries and providing a space for shared appreciation and dialogue. The combination of Austrian hospitality and Greek heritage at VieVinum showcased wine’s ability to connect different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

As VieVinum 2024 concluded, Greece’s participation demonstrated the potential for future editions. It highlighted how wine fairs can extend beyond commercial goals to enrich the cultural landscape and foster mutual understanding among wine-producing nations. Each year, VieVinum continues to develop not only as a trade event but also as a celebration of global wine culture.


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