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"Goodbye Fassbinder": a Reflexion on German Cinema after the Re-unification

The French Cultural Institute in Berlin invites Pierre Gras for the Presentation of His Lastest Book, a Tribute to the Vitality of German Cinema

June 02nd, 2015

Members of the French, German and international public are invited to the French Institute in Berlin (Kurfürstendamm 211, Salle Boris Vian) for the chance to meet and debate with Pierre Gras. The event will take place on June 25th , at 19:30 and entry is free.

Pierre Gras, French film critic and professor of cinema at the renowned university, the Sorbonne, will be presenting the German version of his book "Goodbye Fassbinder". There will be a debate moderated by Marcus Seibert and attended by special guests such as Romuald Karmakar and Christoph Hochhasler, both directors. The debate be held in both French and German.

A summary of the last 25 years of German cinema, given by the French author, provides all the ingredients for fresh perspective on the so called "Seventh Art" in Germany. The result is a book written subjectively and maybe even provocatively. It is emblematic of the long-lasting French and in particular German interest in cinema.

The title of the book could be misleading: Fassbinder, film director, screenwriter and actor, is indeed one of the most important figures in New German Cinema. However, the cinema Pierre Gras deals with in his work is actually from the beginning of the 90's. "Run Lola Run" (1998), "Good Bye, Lenin" (2003) or "The Life of Others" (2006) are the masterpieces that contributed to the re-birth of German cinema after the reunification. In his book, Pierre Gras analyzes and explains the catalyst for the recent “renaissance” of German cinema. He shows the continuity and ruptures, and, the weaknesses and strengths of German cinema at a controversial moment in history. Written by a Frenchman deeply passionate about Germany, "Goodbye Fassbinder" discusses the economic, social and artistic aspects, giving the readers a broad picture on the subject.

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