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Good Neighbors - Good Business

Salzburg as attractive location for German companies

July 08th, 2016

Every year the Austrian Embassy in Berlin gives a summer festival at which one of the Austrian federal states represents itself. From June 28th to 29th Salzburg invited to traditional meal, singing and dance.

Salzburg which is also known as culture capital due to the Salzburg Festival counts 12 million visitors every year. From June 28th to 29th Salzburg got the chance to introduce itself to Berlin inhabitants during the yearly summer festival of the Austrian Embassy. Guests could enjoy typical meal, singing and dance from Salzburg. “The interest is great”, reported H.E. Amb. Nikolaus Marschik, ambassador of Austria to Germany, „today we have 500 guests at the Austrian Embassy”. Besides the ambassador, the head of provincial government Wilfried Haslauer and his group of 50 economic and culture delegates belonged to the hosts.

As if to say “good neighbors – good business” Salzburg represented itself as an attractive location for German companies especially for tourist agencies. On the one hand Salzburg is simply to reach by direct flight and on the other hand, the city has a wide cultural programme to offer.

Besides, the delegation of Salzburg absolved a range of political appointments with Norbert Lammert, the president of the Bundestag, Aydan Özoguz, minister of state for integration, Emily Haber, secretary of state at the department of the interior and Iris Gleicke, secretary of state at the economics industry. Main emphasis of the journey was also put on the start-up-scene in Germany.


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Sinah Weißenborn, Berlin Global