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“Going Green” a Project launched by the US Embassy in Germany

The project is based on an intercultural blended-learning initiative.

July 20th, 2016
C.M, News from Berlin

German and U.S students explore different approaches to sustainable development in both countries collaboratively through a joint e-learning platform called “Moodle”. All the materials given to students are free of charge and they include a pdf version of the project, which people can access with a previous registration process via Moodle.

The main goal of the project is to develop strategies across the Atlantic that help find local solutions in order to struggle against climate change. The Going Green project which started in 2015 and takes place until 2016 teaches secondary school students the importance of protecting nature and keeping the environment we live in clean.

Going Green is the product of a partnership between the U.S Embassy in Berlin, Leuphana University Luneburg and Life e.V. All of these institutions count on the help of the Goethe Institute in Washington D.C. It´s also important to mention that this project which is spreading further around the globe, received an award in 2015 named “Ausgezeichnete Orte-Land der Ideen”.

Going Green is also aimed at training secondary school teachers for the tasks they have to develop with their students during its duration. There are more seminars organized which are similar to the ones already proposed which will be taking place shortly.

The Going Green project that took place in 2014 included numerous conferences on which experts from universities gave lectures about the history of the project and screened a documentary film based on the movement and all that has led towards its appearance plus the achievements fulfilled by the movement among other aspects.
The project also involves an exhibition of presentations about redesigning our communities, about sustainable traffic models, political cartoons and green issues.


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