Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister Visit in Tunisia

The Minister’s meeting with the Tunisian President last Tuesday highlighted the longstanding relations between Ghana and Tunisia

February 21st, 2019
Diana Usurelu, News from Berlin
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The two countries expressed commitment to enhance relations as evidenced by the recent Tunisia delegation to Ghana and the signing of three basic cooperation agreements.

President Beji Ciad Essebssi recalled the last visit to Tunisia by Dr Kwame Nkrumah in 1964 and called for the enhancement of relations as existed during the era of the first presidents of the two countries. The President reiterated Tunisia's eagerness to advance bilateral cooperation as well as intensify coordination of multilateral visits and consultations on issues of concern to the future of the two countries and the African continent.

Addressing the delegation from Ghana, Mr Omar El Behi said Tunisia was bent on increasing trade and boosting exports to countries on the continent and was ready to explore all opportunities to break through the Ghanaian market. He announced the opening of a Tunisian Trade Bureau in Ghana soon to facilitate and enhance work in the sector for mutual benefits.


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