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Germany Strengthens Cooperation in Higher Education with Ukraine

The German-Ukrainian Dialogue works to unite bilateral Higher Education standards

July 25th, 2016
Daniel Erhardt, News from Berlin

On Tuesday July 12th, the International Conference for the Universities’ Representatives and Researchers from Ukraine and Germany, named “German-Ukraine Dialogue” took place at the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in Berlin. The Ministers of Education and Science of both the Republic of Ukraine and the Federal Republic of Germany were present.

On a ministerial level, the main aim of the encounter was the acknowledgement and appreciation of the positive links of the neigbour countries, Germany and Ukraine. These have a special significance in the progressive integration of Ukraine within the common European Higher Education and Investigation Space, the main task approached during the meeting.

Among others, measures under auspices of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research were presented, in order to foster the impulse of the mentioned integration. The measures take the shape of reform plans for the Ukrainian education and research system. As a result, they should emphasize the potential aspects of the education policy to be covered in the specific joint Government practical actions.

Many high-range decision-makers from the fields of politics, science and education, as well as chosen actors excelling in the field of policy collaboration with Ukraine, participated in the conference.

From the diplomatic perspective of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ukraine plays a key role in the context of the Eastern Partnership for the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. This has been reflected on the countless bilateral activity initiatives undertaken, covering the most diverse research topics, like the already mentioned reform initiatives.

These have been part of a steady intensification of the joint work in the fields of education, research and science carried out during the recent years between both parties. The intensification itself is linked to the German Government’s action plan of support for the Ukrainian government in its development initiatives.


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