Germany Day Theme Event Held during Beijing Horticultural Expo

With a theme of "seeding the future," Germany's Pavilion presents how green initiatives and projects have helped restore the environment after pollution

May 17th, 2019
Diana Usurelu, News from Berlin
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The Expo 2019 is a world horticultural exposition presented by the Bureau International des Expositions and will be held in Yanqing District, Beijing, People's Republic of China. 110 countries from all over the world have been invited to participate at the expo this year.

This is the largest ever gardening show.  Two villages were relocated for the expo to be able to take place. A parade featuring festooned vehicles was held in the morning as the park welcomed the first group of visitors. A giant panda made of flowers rode through the 503-hectare park as performers in colorful costumes walked by.

President Xi Jinping declared the opening of the horticultural expo on the evening April 28. The green development concept embodied by the expo should be spread to every corner of the world, he said while addressing the opening ceremony.

"This area used to be a vegetable field, but now the China Pavilion stands here. It is so amazing," said Lin Shuhui, 47, a farmer who lives near the park. "I did not expect the expo park to be so gorgeous. We should preserve the park well for more visitors."

May 13 is the German "National Day" at the exhibition. Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture of Germany, Julia Klöckner, gave a speech to welcome all visitors, saying that "Roof gardens, city apiaries and community gardens are all ways for people to bring nature back into cities actively with a varity of green initiatives. “

"Our exhibit at the Horticultural Expo is a clear message from our ministry on the contribution Germany and its innovative horticultural and landscaping industry have been making towards sustainable and livable urban development while creating natural habitats in a variety of ways," said Klöckner. "Everyone can make their own impression of it all here in China."

In front of the pavilion, a "panda" and a "bear," representing China and Germany respectively, welcome tourists from all over the world.

The expo will last until October 7. More than 2,500 cultural activities will be held during the period, with an estimated 16 million visitors from around the world.


News from Berlin