Germany Continues to Rise in Popularity

“Nation Brands Index” ranks Germany as having the best global reputation

December 06th, 2017
Bethany Codding, News from Berlin

In the annual Nation Brands Index study, the top ten countries were ranked according to their “brand image.”

In the recent release of a study done by market research institute GfK and policy advisor Simon Anholt, Germany has jumped to number one this year for country with the “best brand” or reputation. The Anholt-Gfk Nation Brands Index ranks each country based on a six different categories: export, governance, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment. Germany’s highest ranked categories were culture, governance and people with its lowest category being tourism.

German Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) commented on the study stating that “it has been a long time since Germany’s image was based solely on its economic strength. People across the world think we are capable of a great deal.” This is important news for Germany as it will have a positive effect on their cultural diplomacy efforts with other countries. With Germany ranked as number one, there is likely to be an even greater increase in the exchange of ideas, values, traditions in order to foster mutual understanding.

Germany is seen as an appealing country and this will encourage others to visit to see what this nation has to offer. This will bring a rise in tourism (helping them increase their scoring in that category) that will continue to promote the exchanging of ideas that cultural diplomacy seeks to accomplish. Germany continues to rise in popularity with the public and to foster international relationships.


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