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Germany and Poland: Energy Cooperation

July 29th, 2014

News from Berlin - New plans to improve Polish-German relations are afoot . This time the project involves an energy alliance between the two countries which includes the creation of a gas pipe by 2018. The gas pipe would run from Bernau, a city near Berlin,  to Szczecin , in the northern part of Poland. This is a big scale project that spells considerable changes on the energy market in the two countries.

In 2011 German government decided to pursue the policy of Energiewende (Energy transition) and one of  its main objective to increase investment in the renewable energies at the expense of the more traditional ways of generating energy. It remains a fact however that  natural gas  still accounts  for 20% of the energy sources in Germany today. Germany is also by and large the largest user of energy in the whole of the European Union so its search for cooperation in that matter with other European countries is particularly beneficial for its energy interests and is instrumental in strengthening Germany s  political ties with countries willing to engage in the cooperation. The project will also serve to increase the energy security of Poland which will be less reliant on other sources.

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