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Germany and India Sharing Educational Models

German Ambassador to India launches a new bilateral program at the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship

August 29th, 2016
Cristea Oana, News from Berlin

Through the recently launched bilateral program, Germany intends to support Indian educational initiatives “Skill India’’ and “Make in India’’. Focusing on vocational education and training, the program will further the already long standing partnership between the two countries.

On 22nd of August the German Ambassador to India, H. E. Martin Ney, launched the new bilateral partner program at the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship. Part of the Joint Memorandum of Understanding in the Feld of Skill Development and Vocational Education and Training which was signed last year during the Indo-German intergovernmental consultations held in New Delhi, the bilateral program is focused on vocational education and skill development, and will run for three years.

Given Germany’s excellent vocational education system, which relies on strong participation and engagement from the private sector, the country is pleased to support India’s initiatives on skill development, such as “Skill India” and “Make in India.”

The German Development Cooperation will thus, together with the Indian Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship, foster conditions which help create and improve cooperative workplace-based vocational training in India.

The recently established bilateral program between Germany and India represents an excellent example of how collaboration between two countries can fruitfully expand in the field of vocational education, thus breaking the boundaries of traditional diplomacy.


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