German Seminar on Traditional Instruments from Peru

Exploring the Sonic Legacy of Ancient Peru: The Flautas del Antiguo Perú Seminar by Gonzalo Rodríguez Rojas

March 10th, 2023
Claudia Poggi, News from Berlin
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Gonzalo Rodríguez Rojas' seminar delved into the connection between ancient Peruvian societies and music, highlighting the significance of archaeomusicology and the meticulous replication of pre-Hispanic instruments.

The seminar "Flautas del Antiguo Perù" by musician and researcher Gonzalo Rodriguez Rojas was held on February 28 in the Mara Reiche auditorium and was arranged by the Peruvian Embassy in Germany.

Rodriguez Rojas discussed the connection between ancient Peruvian societies and music as well as the significance of "archaeomusicology" as a field that recreates the sonic environment of earlier civilizations throughout the event.

The speaker notably recalled his research on the Chancay culture's musical instruments and sounds, as well as his explorations of Huaca Malena and Chuquitanta. He also specifically mentioned his research on musical instruments that are still in the Ethnological Museum of Berlin's collection, particularly flutes and antaras, which are mostly formed of organic materials like reeds, wood, bone, cotton strings, and camelid hair.

The researcher concluded by presenting the "Libiak" project, which aims to examine and recreate pre-Hispanic instruments with Peruvian origins that are stored in national and international museums. His work has the most importance because of how meticulously and rigorously he replicated the instruments using the same materials and same ornamentation.

The Peruvian musician performed at the conference on a number of copies of musical instruments whose originals are kept at the Berlin Ethnological Museum.

Participants had the chance to ask questions and take in the musical instrument reproductions during the conference's concluding section.


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