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German Resistance Memorial Opens in Berlin

July 16th, 2014
Nazi Resistance Museum Opens Doors in Berlin.JPG

News from Berlin – Museums, exhibitions, galleries and individual projects commemorating the victims of Nazi atrocities are abundant in Germany and around Europe. Now a permanent exhibition, which remembers those who risked and lost their lives for the fight against Hitler, opens doors in Berlin.

The German Resistance Memorial and the “Resistance against National Socialism” exhibition were opened by the address of Chancellor Angela Merkel on July 1 – a couple of weeks before the 70th anniversary of the failed Stauffenberg plot for the assassination of Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944. She underlined the importance of the exhibition’s mission – to facilitate a debate about those men and women who resisted Nazi policies.

Furthermore, the museum explores the resistance movements, which spurred in different social groups such as workers and young people. It revisits the underground resistance movements such as the Berlin’s Red Orchestra or the Kreisay circle along with more famous such as Sophie Scroll’s White Rose student movement in Munich.

Berlin Mayor, Klaus Wowereit noted that this project reopens the debate about Germany’s past but in a more moderate manner attempting to recognize the different reactions of the people to Nazism. Most importantly it revisits Germany’s past beyond the generalizing narratives, which have often been avoided in everyday conversations.

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