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German-Israeli Relationship Tightening

July 02nd, 2014

News from Berlin – The two Foreign Ministers of Germany and Israel met in Berlin on Monday (30.06) for a political discussion. German-Israeli diplomacy started on 12 May 1965 and has tightened on the official and civil level ever since. Next year the two countries will celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations.

In recent years relations have strengthened; in 2008 Germany and Israel decided to establish yearly government consultations and last February the cabinets of the two countries met for the fifth time. Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his counterpart Avigdor Lieberman met to discuss the Middle East peace process and the current situation in the region.

The German Foreign Minister praised the fact that relations are ever-tightening and that there are so many young Israelis in Berlin, even though the common history of the two countries does not make that easily comprehensible.  Steinmeier also called for calm in the Middle East after recent events have caused a turmoil. He urged both Israel and Palestine to deescalate the situation so that the Middle East peace process does not become threatened. Israel’s Foreign Minister agreed with Steinmeier and added that for Israel the only solution is a solution that all parties involved agree to.

Both officials are concerned with the rise of ISIS and Germany assured their Israeli partners that they will do everything they can to hinder the rise of ISIS and stated that everyone in the region should have a reason to stop ISIS from achieving its goals. Lieberman asked the Iraqi people to do their best to establish order in their country and stop ISIS.  The next talk Germany will hold with Israel are the so called E3+3 talks.

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