German Government welcomes Sylvie Nantcha as new member of the Technical Commission on Migration

Pointing out the diverse reasons leading people to flee their country

August 07th, 2019
Giorgia Calabrese, News from Berlin
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The 24-member Commission was created with the purpose of detecting “the root causes of flight and irregular migration” and it will have a year to adopt concrete recommendations on how to act regarding to this important matter.

“It is high time that we dealt with the question of why so many people in recent years feel forced to leave their homeland. And only when we have identified and understood the diverse reasons of escape and irregular migration that we will be able to fight the causes of flight.” stated Sylvie Nantcha, the new member of the Technical Commission on Migration, appointed by the Federal Government.

Already chairman of The African Network of Germany (TANG), Ms Nantcha and her organisation have been very active in the field, conceiving and implementing projects on migration and integration; in 2016, they organized a campaign intitled “Verlorene Träume” (Lost Dreams), aiming to stress the risks and dangers of irregular migration.


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