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German Government Adopts a New Policy for Africa

May 19th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On Wednesday May 21st the German Bundeskabinett announced that Germany wanted to redefine its relations with all 55 African States. As a consequence a new concept for Africa was adopted. The Chancellor office, the foreign affairs and the Ministry of Defense will over the preceding months work to produce this new policy. These new policy outlines for Africa are expected to replace the ones adopted in 2011 by the previous government.

According to the strategy document elaborated on by the German government and published by the German press agency, the main goal is to prevent conflict in Africa. The German government is ready to send military support to Africa if it is necessary.  The African Union is more likely able to solve conflicts in Africa, admittedly, but Germany is always ready to be directly involved to establish peace and security in Africa. The German government also wants to redouble its efforts in fighting corruption, poverty and slave trade in Africa. There are currently 600 German soldiers serving in Africa, and more than half of whom combat piracy off the Somalian coast. The other main countries of intervention are Sudan, South Sudan and Mali.

During the meeting the German government also emphasized Africa’s enormous development potential: “Africa is a continent of the future. But some challenges and risks for the development remain” such as hunger, lack of schools, high birth rates and discrimination against women, the press report underlines.

Last but not least, the German government highlighted the potential of the African economic market for the German and the European economy. However, the other competitors cannot be neglected, such as China, India, the US or Japan.

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