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German gastronomic diplomacy in Hong Kong via the Riesling Weeks

June 11th, 2014

News from Berlin - The German Consulate General of Hong Kong is proud to highlight the Riesling Weeks in Hong Kong this June. Aptly taking place in a city centered around good food and in which the traditional greeting of grandparents remains “Have you eaten yet?” the Riesling Weeks will delight locals as an attractive and delicious introduction to German culture.

The German Wine Institute’s Riesling campaigns first began in 2006 in the USA. Aiming to promote awareness and knowledge of the German Riesling and its unique taste, this year’s event in Hong Kong will bear the theme of pairing Riesling with Asian food. Features will include the 2014 German Wine Queen, Nadine Poss, photo competitions with prizes, and partnerships with a number of popular local restaurants for delectable meals all around.

In a perfect blend of East Meets West, a line that has become synonymous and emblematic of Hong Kong, this year’s Riesling Weeks Hong Kong looks to be a smashing success.

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