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German Embassy Decorates the best German Language Students in Romania in National Competition

The German Embassy in Romania is celebrating youngsters who show skills in the area of German language

May 06th, 2015
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Radu Chifan - German-Romanian relations are strong in a variety of different areas, and education is without a doubt one of the strongest. The countries maintain exceptional collaboration in the fields of education and culture. 

Last month, a central Romanian city called Focsani played host to the national ‘German Language Olympics’ competition. Professors, as well as 192 students from classes 7-12 were guests in the great hall in the “Maior Ghoerghe Pastia” theatre. The competition is highly regarded in Romania, attended by important officials such as Director of the National College “Unirea”, prof Cornel Noana, vice-mayor Marius-Eusebiu Iorga, scholar inspector Madam Zaharia and the German language inspector from the Minister of Education and Research, Sorin Giurumescu.

On behalf of the German Embassy, Madam Oana Davidescu, representative of the cultural service and German minorities, emphasized the importance of such a competition in maintaining and enhancing the relations between the two states.

She stated that “the positive collaboration between Romania and Germany in both educational and cultural fields is of great value, and that is why we have to be thankful for institutions such as the Goethe Institute, the Institute for Foreign Affairs, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Pedagogic Changing Services (PCS) and the Centrum for Abroad Learning, as well as political foundations from Germany and Romania.” Also, in the same speech, the Hon. emphasized how important is to promote and raise awareness of German language and culture in strengthening political, economic and cultural relations between the two countries.

The German Embassy, true to tradition, gave prizes to the best German speakers of the competition. 75 books have been given as awards at the end ceremonials of the contest on the behalf of the German Embassy in Bucharest. 

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