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German Ambassador Inaugurated Winter Market In Chile

June 16th, 2014
German Ambassador Inaugurated Winter Market In Chile.jpeg

News from Berlin – For its third annual edition, the Wintermarkt or Winter Market, was honoured to receive the German Ambassador in Chile, Hans Henning Blomeyer-Bartenstein, for its official opening ceremony. The Wintermarkt, which took place from 6 to 8 June, showcased a variety of German products, such as wooden toys and pork sausages, across 60 stands in Chile’s capital, Santiago. In addition, it featured numerous events that intended to promote European culture, such as ice skating, storytelling and a light parade.

During the opening celebration on Friday 6 June, the Ambassador Blomeyer-Bartenste took pride to highlight that the Wintermarkt not only provided an excellent platform for participating companies, but also represented a wonderful way to share the experience of the German tradition.

Historically, Germany has nurtured a prosperous relationship with Chile.  The South American country hosts a great share of the German diaspora, and has proven to represent a long-lasting economic and diplomatic partner.

The annual Wintermarkt fair is organised by a partnership between the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMCHAL) and the Manquehue Club. It is situated in Santiago’s outskirts, in the picturesque setting of the Manquehue Club Events Centre.

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