German Africa Foundation celebrated in Berlin

An occasion to promote and strengthen relations between Germany and Africa, broadening the horizon to new cooperation

July 04th, 2019
Giorgia Calabrese, News from Berlin
20190704_German Africa Foundation.jpg

South African Minister Plenipotentiary Cassimjee took part in the Deutsche Afrika Stiftung’s offices inauguration held in Berlin, on 24 June 2019, highlighting the importance of peaceful cooperation between countries.

The German Africa Foundation has been taking care of relations between these two countries for years, playing the role of active mediator among politicians, businessmen, members of civil society and media, in order to foster peaceful collaboration and international understanding. These ingredients are essential to allow a more fruitful exchange of visions and insights in any field, aiming at the growth and valorisation of African continent.

One of the main goals of the Foundation is to give every actor involved in the discussion a stage to express their ideas and projects, on topics concerning African’s untapped potential and the necessity of widening the network between Germans and African decision makers. Such an important dialogue partner is responsible for organizing conferences, workshops and events, in full accordance with Cultural Diplomacy’s values.


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