Gay Marriage in Mexican Embassy

Promoting the equality and freedom at the Mexican Embassy in Berlin

August 05th, 2019
Elena Belenova, News from Berlin
20190805_Gay Marriage in Mexican Embassy.jpg

The Mexican Embassy organized a very special celebration of love and freedom, unprecedented for the Latin American Embassies elsewhere. It helped to promote the connection to the human rights and freedom and gave to 2 Mexican citizens a unique opportunity.

23rd of July of 2019, the Ambassador Rogelio Granguillhome, the representative of the Mexican State in this country, celebrated the marriage between Martín and Miguel Ángel. The two Mexican citizens decided to marry in Berlin according to the Mexican law that effectively guarantees the equality rights. This can be placed in the framework of the Consular Section of this Embassy, which is responsible for attending the civil acts of Mexicans and Mexicans residing in the North and East of such as registration of births, notarial acts and marriages between nationals. However,  it has never hosted a gay marriage, being this time the the first time that an equal marriage was celebrated in the representation of Mexico in Germany.

With this action, the Embassy implements the rights that the Constitution of the Mexican country assures. It promotes especially, the right to equality and the prohibition of all forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation.


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