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Furthering Relations Between Germany and Albania: Ditmir Bushati’s Visit to the Foreign Ministry

April 07th, 2014

News from Berlin - Tomorrow sees the German Minister for Foreign Affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, meet with his Albanian counterpart Ditmir Bushati. The one-day visit will also see the Albanian politician meet with numerous members of parliament. Regarding the scheduled meeting at the foreign ministry, it has been announced that the main issues to be discussed will include relations between the EU and Albania, increased cooperation with Germany, security policy, as well as further current international issues.

In general, it can be said that Germany and Albania enjoy an amicable relationship with the latter being one of the priority countries in German development assistance policies. This is also closely linked to Albania’s relations with the European Union, as increased collaboration with Germany can serve as a gateway into higher activity in the European integration process. The Association and Stabilization Agreement that was signed by the two parties in 2006, as well as Albania’s accession into NATO, two endeavors that were vehemently supported by the German government, offer Albania good international and European prospects.

It can be expected that the aforementioned discussions between the two foreign ministers will follow in a similar vein and aim at solidifying and furthering the relations between these two countries.

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