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From Portugal with Love

August 07th, 2014
20140806_Exhibition in Berlin - From Portugal with Love.jpg

News from Berlin – On the 7th of August, the design store Paz D´Alma, “Peaceful Soul” in Portuguese, will organize a design exhibition event from 19 to 21 pm called Aus Portugal mit liebe – From Portugal with Love.

           Having started purely as an online-shop, it evolved into a concept store in Berlin that sells signs from Portuguese culture. The exhibition will consist of the promotion of Portuguese designers and artisanal objects crafted and inspired according to the sunny, blue skies of Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, it is expected to bring traditional, colorful as well as insightful manufactured products from the high-quality regional materials of the country which best capture the magic of Portugal´s rich and diverse history and culture.  The collection features are both from renowned designers and young artists, which combine the best of modern design with the ancient Lusitanian artisan techniques.

           Amongst the above-mentioned exposition, Paz D´Alma usually also offers to its customers the chance to taste a Portuguese wine-selection, coffees served in typical small Portuguese cups, pastry specialties like Pastel de Nata, in addition to movies demonstration.  

           On the website it is possible to find more information about the project, led by Ana Santos whose heart is divided between Germany and Portugal and whose project is a representation of those mixed feelings. Moreover, information about the exhibition, the artists and the products are also available on their website.

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