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The World through the Eyes of Children

From May 25th to June 3rd 2016, the "Kulturkind" association is organizing the first "Into the Wind, Nordic Children and Youth Literature Days

May 30th, 2016

At the Humboldt University Library in Berlin for ten days, 16 authors and illustrators from Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will be presenting themselves and their work to the public. An intense program of events, which aims to open a new perspective on the cultural diversity of the Nordic countries, displaying it through the eyes of the children.

The artists will provide an insight into Nordic's literature tradition using their literary works and organizing workshops about their particular painting methods. The “kulturkind” association has organized the festival in collaboration with the Iceland Nordic House and the Nordic Embassies based in Berlin. It will host a major exhibition of illustration of children's Nordic books on the theme "Into the Wind". This title describes the contrasting nature of the Nordic countries, which characterizes their populations, but also the literature of this -culturally speaking- so diverse region of Northern Europe. At the same time, it aims to spread their traditions all over Europe, starting from the youngest generations. For this reason, the participation of schools in the events is free of charge.

The exhibition hosts 60 original illustrations and hand-signed prints and has had its first premiere at the Humboldt University Library in Berlin. The event will also present a framework program for kindergarten groups, school classes and adults. Each author will describe his or her own historical, political and cultural sphere, showing imagery between great traditions, outstanding technical realization and strikingly high levels of artistic expression.

The artists invited include Linda Bondestam from Finland, lilian Brogger from Denmark and Per Dybvig from Norway. They will try to give a new perspectives of their particular culture. Afterwards the exhibition is scheduled to tour through the German-speaking regions and the Nordic countries until 2018.

A preview of some illustrations of the exhibition can be found at the website of the association:



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