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From Estonia With Love

June 06th, 2014
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News from Berlin - The beginning of German-Estonian cultural relations dates back to 1993 with the signing of the ‘Joint Statement on the Basis of the Relationship’, an official cultural agreement. Since then, the partnership has been growing steadily. Winter-spring 2014 was rich in events that demonstrate successful long-term relationship cooperation between the two countries.

Berlin Art House SomoS welcomed the exhibition of a young Estonian artist Liis Koger. Koger is said to be an exclusive embodiment of two lyrical talents – that of being a poet and being a painter. What made this even especially significant is that it was her first solo exhibition in Berlin.

Between February and April, the Estonian Embassy in Germany hosted the exhibition of an Estonian painter Margus Meinart who lives and creates in Tartu and Brussels. The title of the exhibition was “Visual Melody” and reflected the artist’s admiration for music which, according to the painter, best of all other arts appeals to our senses. The uniqueness of Meinart’s works lies in the combination of academism, e.g. using traditional materials such as oil and canvas, and innovation, i.e. individual technique and unusual materials such as glass and plastic.

For Liina Siib, another Estonian artist, this is not the first time to present at Ifa-Galerie. This time in Berlin her photo and video works, created in various places of the world, focus on the concept of conformity, social and historical transformations, and cross-cultural connections with the special attention to the Soviet era.

You exhibition will be held at the Berlin Art House SomoS until the 29th June.  

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