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From Bangkok to Berlin: A Culinary Odyssey

January 22nd, 2014

Thai Embassy Opens Table at ICC Messe in Berlin

Officials from the Thai Embassy came together with their German counterparts to cut the red rope at the ICC’s Green Week.


Steinmeier (photo:

News from Berlin. As part of the world’s biggest food, agriculture and horticulture event which showcases the very best on the world’s gastronomic stage, Thailand too takes part and shows the Berlin community the Thai status quo.

Dr. Hans-Peter Friedrich, Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany opened the Thai pavilion alongside their guest of honour and CEO of the Berlin Messe, Dr. Christian Göke.

The pavilion has been set up in order to aid the promotion of Thai agricultural products and the Thai market in Germany.

The Messe will demonstrate the very best of Thai produce and gastronomy until the end of the weekend. There are a variety of offers on display, from exotic Thai fruit tasting, to cultural performances, spectacles and demonstrations throughout each and every day the Messe is on.

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