French Embassy to Vienna honours Victims of Mauthausen: a Tribute to Remembrance and History

the French Embassy commemorated May 8, 1945 at the French section of the Central cemetery in Vienna

May 15th, 2024
Anita Marsiglia, News from Berlin
20240515 French Embassy.jpg

The French Embassy, represented by Mr. Frédéric Joureau, Affairs Officer at the French Embassy in Austria and the Defense Officer Colonel Stéphane Loechleiter, paid tribute to the victims of all nationalities at the concentration camp Mauthausen, liberated by Allied troops on May 5, 1945. In memory of the victims, wreaths and crowns were laid on behalf of France.

Claude Simon, the president of the Mauthausen Friendship Association, as well as the president of the Spanish Friendship Association of Mauthausen, the general delegate of Le Souvenir Français Austria, Mr. Patrick Lhôte, and the Affairs Officer at the French Embassy in Austria Mr. Frédéric Joureau, emphasized the importance of the duty of remembrance and the lessons to be learned from history.

One hundred and fifty students from high schools in Evreux, Rouen, and Altkirch, and two students from the French High School of Vienna (LFV) accompanied by a history teacher, Mrs. Itty, were also present.

It was a beautiful moment of transmitting the memory to the delegation of young people from the French High School of Vienna as well as to those who had come to attend the event.


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