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Francophone Week’s Celebration

Weeklong Celebration on the occasion for the Madagascar Embassy to promote the culture of the island

June 29th, 2017
Hélène Meyer, News from Berlin
2017_06_29 Francophone Exhibition.jpg

On April 1st, 2017, the Centre Français of Berlin hosted the Francophone Week as it does each year, on an annual basis.

The Belgian Embassy and the bilingual Saarland chaired the 2017 Edition of the Francophone Week. Around thirty Embassies and the Francophone Delegation of Berlin attended this event. Under the motto “Au-delà des Frontières” (“Beyond Borders”), the Francophone Week offered a broad program, including a debate organized by Radio France Inter (RFI), a diplomatic reception, animation workshops, stands promoting the culture of various countries, a buffet with products of the world and concerts.

Since Madagascar currently holds the Presidency of the “Francophonie”, this country participated actively in the event. A typical Madagascar buffet was notably proposed and children had the opportunity to discover Madagascar storytales.

Furthermore, the Madagascar Embassy had offered four classes in Berlin during two weeks in 2017 to allow around 170 pupils discover the aim of the “Francophonie”, as well as the island’s cultural wealth. Then, other professors asked the Embassy to intervene in French alongside their school students in order to present the cultural, economic, artistic and touristic potentiality of Madagascar.

In 2016, along with the French Embassy, the Madagascar Embassy jointly chaired the Francophone Day in Berlin, which enables it to promote the culture of the island alongside 2500 visitors and 400 students.


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