France and South Africa Will Work Together to Strengthen Multilateralism

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian has said “France and South Africa will work together to reduce inequality in the world and threats to democracy

March 01st, 2019
Eleanor Banks, News from Berlin
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Le Drian and Minister for International Relations Lindiwe Sisulu clearly have a strong relationship, as Le Drian said “my dear Lindiwe, I have such admiration for your parents who played an enormous part in the liberation of this country.”

Le Drian also commented on how France and South Africa share a common understanding and commitment to multilateralism and they both are committed to working together to strengthen multilateralism, especially in the UN Security Council. Since the election of President Emanuel Macron of France, relations between France and South Africa have grown considerably, as he is a strong proponent of multilateralism.

Le Drian took part in the South Africa-France Forum for Political Dialogue on Thursday in Pretoria and this is the first time that the Forum has been lifted to the Ministerial level and this will give greater importance to the strengthening of relations. Le Drian spent 44 years in the French Socialist Party and has said in the past that multilateralism is in crisis and the breakdown of international relations is a certainty. It is Le Drian’s opinion that the fixation of superpowers with increasing areas of influence leads to instability and crisis.

“Multilateralism is only effective if the most powerful accept to use power in lawful frameworks,’ said Le Drian at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2017.

Agreements were signed during the SA-France Forum regarding basic and higher education, space cooperation and biodiversity. The SA National Space Agency has agreed to work with France’s Centre National d’etudes Spatiales and SANParks with Reunion National Park.


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