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Foreign Culture and Education Policies as a Third Pillar of Foreign Affairs

April 08th, 2014
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News from Berlin - On March 31st, the first meeting of the subcommittee on culture and education policy took place. The focus of the meeting was on building a welcoming culture in Germany, and on international co-operation concerning education, science, and culture. Education is key for growth and sustainable development in an increasingly globalised world.

Minister of State Maria Böhmer stated that “culture plays an important role in bringing together developing countries. It should not be seen as something purely economic, something that can be used in negotiations and exchanges. Culture allows identity, recognition and self-awareness to be included into the process of bringing countries together.”.

Central to the German foreign culture and education policy is the German Language. Böhmer praised the efforts and the successes of the Goethe Institute and of German schools abroad. She is convinced that vocational training can help reduce youth unemployment and wants German schools to promote this abroad. Berling Global - News from Berlin