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Brazilian Embassy in Germany Promotes Afro-Brazilian Dance Workshop in Berlin

June 15th, 2017

Join the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin in promoting and spreading Brazilian culture by attending their Afro-Brazilian dance workshop in Berlin next Sunday, June 18th from 12:00 to 16:00.

The intensive course will take place in Berlin, Germany and will be led by Afro-Brazilian dancer and choreographer Murah Soares. Soares, who spent most of his childhood living in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil), studied multiple and varied dance disciplines throughout his life and soon became known as one of the greatest Ethno-Modern dancers in Brazil.

The upcoming workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to become acquainted with some of the many variations of Afro-Brazilian dancing styles and music. The experience is set to be extraordinarily enriching, for each variation has its very own symbolic rhythm, music and choreography.

Originally, these dances were developed and performed by African slaves residing in Brazil during the colonial era, and served the Afro-Brazilian community as a vehicle to communicate with Divinities. The choreographies allowed both for God to descend upon dancers and for dancers to elevate amongst Divinities by allowing individuals to dance like Gods.

Nowadays, Afro-Brazilian dances still remain an essential part of Brazil’s cultural heritage and are typically performed at national celebrations such as the “Carnival do Rio de Janeiro” or “Saõ Jõao do Porto”.

With the guidance of Murah Soares, who focusses on “improving body awareness and understanding of the cultural history and music of Brazil”, attendees are sure to not only take part in a truly vibrant and lively experience, but to most importantly become familiarized with Brazilian traditions and culture.

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