FLORAS_SPREE Exhibition by Rejane Cantoni in the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin

Explore a mesmerizing light garden inspired by the Spree's waters until April 19th

April 19th, 2024
Sofiia Bartnovska, News from Berlin
20240419 FLORAS_SPREE.png

The Brazilian Embassy in Berlin invites you to the final days of the exhibition FLORAS_SPREE by Rejane Cantoni.

Until April 19th, you can immerse yourself in this dynamic light garden inspired by the waters of the Spree and experience a digital installation that explores the boundaries between the natural and the virtual.

FLORAS_SPREE invites us to reflect on the boundaries between art, science and technology, addressing current topics such as crypto-art and blockchain technology as well as the relationship between nature and human perception.

Rejane Cantoni is a São Paulo based artist. Since 1987 she has researched and developed immersive installations using devices and technology for the acquisition and manipulation of data in both natural and automated environments.

Date:  Until April 19, 2024
Location:  Brazilian Embassy in Berlin - Wallstraße 57, 10179 Berlin
Free entry, no registration required.

To learn more about Rejane Cantoni's work, visit


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