Fit for the African Market?

10th economic forum and the importance of dialogue on the role of women in business

July 25th, 2019
Gaia Carmilla, News from Berlin
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On Friday, July 26, the tenth Economic Forum of the Pan-African Women's Day will be held in Potsdam.

Pan African Women's Empowerment & Liberation Organisation (PAWLO)-Germany has organized this event that will focus on the results of African women's empowerment.

In fact, MEP Dr Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana will give a speech and present her plans and expectations for relations between the African Union and the European Union from all points of view (culture, politics, economy).
Another protagonist will be Ms Amina Tall, who will present the Arab League's programs to increase female entrepreneurship.

Embassies in Germany are invited to present business opportunities in their countries.

The theme of the day is: "Fit for the African market?", is the question that should be asked by those who have business in Africa or have this desire; in particular, it is an incitement to women to get involved and open up their economic activities.
The event has the general aim of discovering economic opportunities in Africa and forging alliances to expand the communications network.

We find ourselves in a situation where in 2019 it is still important to combine the figure of the woman with that of the entrepreneur because even today it is thought that a woman is not suitable to play a role of responsibility.

Therefore, this event represents a fundamental moment of sharing for women, both for those who have already been entrepreneurs for years and for those who wish to start a business but are frightened.

A universally more inclusive and egalitarian society must be a priority of international politics because an economy driven by women could lead to great development and innovation.


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