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First Virtual Career Fair between Germany and Tunisia

A career fair to promote the economic links between Tunisia and Germany will be held at the beginning of June

June 07th, 2016

On the 2nd of June 2016 the first virtual career fair between Germany and Tunisia will take place. The event, organized by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and the Development of Tunisia and Alumni portal Deutschland, brings together Tunisians and Germans on an online platform in order to strengthen the economic relationship between both countries.

The fair offers Tunisians the opportunity to meet German employers and for Germans to examine attractive work environments in Tunisia. All companies registered on the Alumni Portal Deutschland website will be enabled to check all of the other professional profiles that have been created on it. The concept is very simple: companies and job-seekers just have to subscribe, update their profile and then they can speak online to employers and job-seekers can attend virtual conferences and formations if they choose to. All of these factors ensure that the fair is extremely appealing to all those who are seeking jobs.

This online job fair is exactly what Berlin has needed in order to strengthen its economic relationship with Tunisia. It correlates to another job fair which took place in Tunis on the 27th of January 2016. The fair will promote the German-Alumni association which gathers ‘people from all over the world who have studied, worked, conducted researched or received training in Germany or at a German institution abroad’.

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