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Finnish Music Theater in Berlin

Promoting Finnish Culture through Children’s Theater

February 16th, 2015

From February 15-17th, the children’s play ‘Matti and Sami and the Three Biggest Faults of the Universe’ will be performed in the Atze Musiktheater in Berlin, in corporation with the Finnish Institute. This Finnish play is suitable for children at least seven years old. It is interesting for both families and school classes and has been written by a German author. The story is based in Finland.

The play is based on a novel by Salah Naoura. Matti has a dream of travelling through Finland, the land of his father, but his parents do not want him to. When he and his brother Sami get to know a history of their parents they did not know, everything changes. They end up somewhere in Finland, with nothing but each other. The play will be accompanied by live music. Accordions, violins, bass and percussion, among others, are used to create a musical journey through different styles, from Rock to Folk music. The novel was nominated for the German Youth Literature Prize in 2012.

The novel and the play introduce Finland to children. Thus, the play is part of the promotion for Finnish culture through Germany. Author Salah Naoura is not just an author; as a translator of Swedish youth literature, he understands Scandinavian culture. He studied Scandinavian and German language and culture. From this point of view, the author himself is also a large part of the cultural exchange he writes about.

The Nordic Embassies often organize and support events and performances promoting the culture of the Scandinavian Countries in Germany. By doing this, the embassy emphasizes the exchange of ideas and culture. The Nordic Embassies embody not only the promotion of Scandinavian culture, but also the promotion of German culture. The celebration of the connection between the two countries works both ways, which is a very constructive approach to building stronger cultural ties.


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