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Finnish Literature on Show in Berlin

The Finnish Embassy in Berlin has launched a project celebrating its rising literary stars

March 17th, 2015

Audience at Kjell Westö’s Event Source: Facebook page of the Finnish Embassy

The Finnish Embassy is bringing its newest and most promising writers to Berlin’s literary stage. The Embassy’s new scheme to promote Finnish authors consists of official performances, readings, discussions, book fairs and book signings, in an effort to give Finland’s rich and ever broadening culture of successful writers a chance to expand their international standing. 

Starting at the beginning of this month, the Finnish Embassy in Berlin has given many of its most talented young authors the opportunity to share their work with audiences within the city. Amongst the most popular have been the events celebrating writers Salla Simukka and Kjell Westö. Last Friday, Salla Simukka presented the second book of her trilogy, “So Weiß Wie Schnee” (“As White As Snow”), in which older and younger generations alike showed keen interest. She was joined on stage by her translator, and together they read excerpts of her work as well as talking about her inspiration behind the story. Kjell Westö, whose recent novel “Das Trugbild” (The Mirage) has been named the embassy’s Book of the Month, put on a similar event, involving readings, insights and discussions with his audience. Last Tuesday, Westö took the stage (alongside his translator) in front of a full auditorium for intensive and insightful discussions not only into his work but into the historical context and background of his story.  As well as helping the audience get to know his characters, the event explored further the literary reflection of the “Vorkriegsjahre” (the pre-war years). It is through these events that the Finnish Embassy hopes to accommodate a new and exciting dialogue between Finland’s and Germany’s readers and writers.

The “Leipziger Buchmesse” (Leipzig Book Fair) plays an extremely important, annual role in Germany’s literary scene.  Each year, writers from all over Germany and Europe gather in Leipzig to promote and celebrate writers and their work. As part of its new focus on literature, The Finnish Embassy ensured a big Finnish presence at the book fair. As well as aforementioned writers Salla simukka and Kjell Westö, many other Finnish authors including Margit Walso, Miina Supinen, Tommi Musturi and Petteri Tikkanen featured at the fair and gave talks on their work, their inspiration and their future plans in the field.

The embassy hopes to continue its successful promotion of its writers, and more information about future readings and events can be found on their website:


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