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Finnish Embassy: Short Films Display Current Societal Issues in Finland

May 07th, 2014
Finnish Short Film.jpg

News from Berlin - The Finnish Institute in Germany, in cooperation with the Tampere Film Festival, will present Finnish short films about current societal issues occurring in Finland. One of the short films, “Elonkorjuu – Harvest Time”, is produced by the renowned Finnish screenwriter and film director Aki Kaurismäki. One of Kaurismäki’s films was the first Finnish film to be nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

In the short film a farmhouse lady reaches her limits in terms of putting up with her lazy husband's drinking and idle talk. The short films exhibition will take place on June 4th at 7pm at the Finnish Institute in Berlin. The short films are related to the Institute’s other exhibition, “Fifty Plus” by the Finnish artist Riitta Supperi, which is exhibited from May 6th to 27th. The exhibition contemplates what 50-year-old Finnish men think, as well as their dreams and desires, and how they have been realized in the 21st century in Finland.

The event is part of the Finnish Institute’s COOL2014-Program, which was developed at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2014. The program is coordinated by the Finnish Institute in Germany and was created together with the its numerous cooperation partners, such as the Finnish Embassy in Berlin. The Program presents, throughout the whole year, contents of culture, science and society within the whole of German-speaking Europe.

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