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Fête de la Musique

June 16th, 2014
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News from Berlin – The free open air festival Fête de la Musique will be held at the 21st of June, bringing together musicians and music lovers from all over the world. The beginning of summer will be celebrated with bands, orchestras, choirs, soloists and DJs playing a diversity of musical styles, will gather to perform for free in the streets and public spaces all over the city. Despite the fact Berlin is the venue for the festival, it is not simply German themed. Musicians will gather from over 340 cities worldwide, among them 60 European cities. All will gather in Berlin to celebrate the beginning of summer with this open air music festival.

The festival Fête de la Musique was first founded by the then French minister of Culture in 1982, Jack Lang. The first festival was held in Paris, but became a global success within three decades and today attracts musicians and audience from all over the world. The first Fête de la Musique in Berlin, held in 1995, started out as a small movement and have since then grown to one of the largest music festivals in Berlin and is now held the 21st of June every year.


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