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“Fenómenos Naturales” Exhibition at Mexican Embassy

October 20th, 2014
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News from Berlin - Between the October 9th and November 15th an exhibition entitled “Fenómenos Naturales” by the artist Samantha Leiva is taking place at the Mexican Embassy. Arrangements of Mrs. Leiva change abandoned terrains, areas under construction and other unidentified places (which are parts of everyday reality) into abstract landscapes.

These materials are transformed in order to recover their value, as when abandoned they become creations that lose their meaning. Mrs. Leiva removes the objects from their original abandoned location and thus allows the objects to express themselves elsewhere. Once these objects are removed from their original environment, they re-transform themselves and become real and somewhat sacred, like “natural phenomenon”.

Drawings and printings are studies which explore the anatomy function of their objects, architecture and energetic relations with space.

It is not the first time Mrs. Levia’s name is connected to Germany. She used to study at the University of Künste, from which she graduated in 2012, below the tutelage of Swiss- French artist Valerie Favre. In 2014 she began her master’s degree once again at Künste University.

She has conducted several exhibitions in Berlin before this one. All of which were organised by her university, Künste University. With the first in 2010, the second one as an open exhibition “Die Arbet” in 2011, and her last Berlin exhibition was Absolventen Ausstellung. Her projects include her membership of “Die Arbeit” collective in Berlin, Germany.

The full program of the event:

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