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“Faces of Cuba”

The exhibition that describes colours and experience straight from Cuba

August 10th, 2017
Cristina Raniolo, News from Berlin
2017_08_10 Faces of Cuba.jpg

From the 3th of July until the 29th of August, the Central Library, “Mark Twain”, in Berlin hosts an exhibition of pictures and portraits that tells us most about the colonial town lifestyle. Christine Seifert, photographer and travel-lover, just traversed the colonial cities of Trinidad, Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba in order to explain the diversity that characterized that country.

The exhibition collects not only faces and smiles from local people but it looks like a journey that goes through the ordinary life composed by food, colours and history. Revolutions, Hispanic domination, economic crisis and years of oppression are just some of the main issues addressed by the photographer.

She explains to us through these pictures the way history has changed the real face of Cuba and the resilient attitude that distinguished their peoples. Furthermore, the optimistic perception of reality and life can be recognized by the intense use of colours and by agricultural peculiarities and cultural traditions that still survive, despite the many changes and developments that have tried to intervene. In the meantime, people still look to the future with a positive mood, relying on what life could bring them.

The exhibition is presented with suitable sounds and explanations in order to involve people to help experience that journey through diversity, highlighting the beauty of colours and the fascination of traditions. From Havana to Santiago, the unique partularities of Cuba that shaped the Christine’s trip through diversity, help to underline her talent such as storyteller in a vortex of mixed feelings and sensations.


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