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“EY ALTER”: Re-experience Age – Interactively, Collectively, Inter-generationally

Experience demographic change in a creative way through Mercedes-Benz CSR Project

September 05th, 2018
Ilaria Zornada, News from Berlin

Digitization, new discoveries in the medical field and new trends contribute to increasing life expectancy. Working life is getting longer and the changes give the opportunity to redesign the future work environment. And Mercedes-Benz has some creative ideas for achieving this.

“Take a new look at your age group and discover the huge potential of young/experienced interaction”.

That’s the motto of the interactive exhibition “EY ALTER” (hey, old man), which was conceived and realized by Mercedes-Benz. The exhibition aims to give visitors the opportunity to experience the demographic change in a creative way.

It is currently running at the Gasometer on the EUREF campus in Berlin.

The interaction between experienced employees and young colleagues helps eliminate the so called age stereotypes and promote an open workplace culture. Prejudices regarding age are very common and dangerous. In a professional context, they often lead to age discrimination.

Our age influences our thinking, and our thinking influences our age — that’s the basic idea behind EY ALTER. The aim is to take a new look at the issue of age. Age is relative and changeable, it is a matter of opinion and it’s different for everybody.

In the exhibition, there are four theme areas where visitors can find out what determines our ideas about old age and youth, how multifaceted our own age is, where our personal potential lies, and how this potential can be exploited in teams consisting of individuals from different generations.

“EY ALTER” is a component of the YES initiative (“Young & Experienced together Successful”) from Mercedes-Benz. This initiative aims to spark a change in the company’s corporate culture and achieve a successful cooperation between young and experienced employees in car production. The goal is to prevent prejudice and create a management culture in which a human being takes center stage.

In parallel with the “EY ALTER” exhibition, Mercedes-Benz has organized 122 events for a total of 2,360 managers. The aim is to promote a fresh, unprejudiced and realistic view of ageing and overcoming stereotypes.


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