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Exposition on German-Lithuanian Expressionist Graphic Art

Embassies of Lithuania and Germany Exchanging their Cultural Heritage

March 27th, 2015

In collaboration with various organisations, the Embassy of Lithuania helped organizing a new exhibition “Cornelia Gurlitt: Vilnius-German Expressionist Eyes in 1915-1917”. It will combine art and history through the life story of an army nurse during the First World War. The exhibition combines her experiences in Germany with her artwork and life in Vilnius

The exhibitions’ idea arose from the previous successful cooperation between the Lithuanian ministry for Culture and the German Embassy. In Vilnius, the embassies jointly organized the exhibition named “Wilna-Wilno-Vilnius. German literary translators and publishers in Jiddish and their reflections.” The success of this cooperation led to a renewed get-together that is now on German soil.

Cornelia Gurlitt, a German painter, used her talent to create artwork to express the situation in which she was caught in during World War One. Her expressionist approach enabled her to put emotions in her art. Her love for Paul Fechter, her family situation, and her early death, at 29, are all part of the exhibition.

The exhibition highlights how stronger ties between countries can be arranged through culture. As a sequel to the former exhibition in Vilnius, this is a further enrichment to the Lithuanian-German diplomatic relations and will prove essential for the future. Hopefully, it will have a trickle down effect to other areas of diplomacy, so that both countries will be able to profit from this event economically and politically. 


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