Exploring the Spanish World in Germany

The Cervantes Institute organizes a series of cultural workshops to discover Spanish culture

June 05th, 2018
Berlin Global, News from Berlin
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El Instituto Cervantes of Berlin organizes meetings to explore Spanish and Hispanic-American culture.

The Cervantes Institute of Berlin has created a comprehensive program to explore the vastness of the Spanish and Hispanic-American cultures. The program includes a diversity of activities that range from movies in their original language, conferences and exhibitions, to readings, concerts and workshops. All of these aim to offer insight into the Spanish and Hispanic-American cultures.

This program is a result of a partnership between various Spanish and Hispanic-American associations as well as German institutions and associations in Berlin. They are working together to spread the Spanish and Hispanic-American cultures in Germany. To accomplish this, most of the activities are provided in both languages in order to reach a wider audience.

As a part of the general program, renowned professors and experts have held practical lessons in the field of arts and culture. A one-month program (from February to March) by Isabel Romero Reche, recently awarded the Goethe Prize for her German translation of the Spanish writer Javier Tomeo, about literary translation was held.

This explored the different corners of literary translation, it offered five sessions on the vast practice of translation and its theories, the role and skills of a translator, the role of the reader and suchlike. The workshop then pit theory into practice by analyzing Spanish novels and proverbs for translation into German. Ultimately, this workshop taught participants that translation from one language to another, and its inherent inferences, allows one to explore and compare the two cultures and languages involved.


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