Exploring the Life and Work of Sanmao: A Date with Cinema at the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin

Online Event Celebrating the Iconic Writer from May 19th to June 2nd, 2023

May 15th, 2023
Chiara Maccio’, News from Berlin
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The Instituto Cervantes in Berlin is organizing an exciting online event titled “Cita con el cine. Sanmao, la novia del desierto” (“Date with the cinema. Sanmao, the desert bride”). Running from May 19th to June 2nd, 2023, this event will immerse participants in the captivating world of Sanmao, a renowned writer.

The Instituto Cervantes is a prestigious institution dedicated to promoting and teaching the Spanish language and culture. With centers located in various cities worldwide, including Berlin, the Instituto Cervantes serves as a vibrant cultural hub, organizing a wide range of activities such as language courses, cultural events, and literary programs, fostering an appreciation and understanding of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

Recently they announced an upcoming online event, “Cita con el cine. Sanmao, la novia del desierto.” (“Date with the cinema. Sanmao, the desert bride”) Scheduled to take place from May 19 to June 2, 2023, this event aims to celebrate the remarkable life and literary accomplishments of Sanmao, an esteemed writer who has left an indelible mark on Spanish-language literature.

Sanmao, whose real name was Chen Ping, born on March 26, 1943, in Chongqing, China. She embarked on a remarkable literary journey that resonated deeply with readers around the globe. Sanmao's writing primarily focused on her personal experiences and travels, capturing the essence of her adventurous spirit and contemplative nature. Her works often touched on themes of love, freedom, identity, and cultural exploration. One of her most renowned works is the autobiographical novel "Sanmao, the Desert Bride" ("Cuentos del Sahara"), beautifully reflects her unique perspective and profound connection with nature.

In the early 1970s, Sanmao left her homeland and embarked on a journey that took her across various continents, including Asia, Europe, and Africa. It was during her time in the Sahara Desert that she encountered her future husband, José María Quero, a Spanish anthropologist. Together, they lived an unconventional and nomadic life, which greatly influenced Sanmao's writings.

Tragically, Sanmao's life was cut short at the age of 47 when she passed away on January 4, 1991. However, her literary legacy continues to endure, inspiring generations of readers with her introspective and emotionally resonant writings.

Sanmao's unique perspective, coupled with her insightful observations and poetic style, garnered her a devoted following. Her works not only resonated with readers in the Spanish-speaking world but also captivated audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds. Sanmao's stories offered glimpses into her inner world, delving into themes of longing, displacement, and the pursuit of meaning.

“Cita con el cine. Sanmao, la novia del desierto” (“Date with the cinema. Sanmao, the desert bride”) promises to be a captivating exploration of Sanmao's literary legacy, providing insights into her extraordinary life and inspiring a new generation of readers. Join the Instituto Cervantes in Berlin from May 19 to June 2, 2023, for an unforgettable virtual journey into the world of one of the most influential Spanish-language writers of the 20th century.

The Instituto Cervantes invites participants to join the virtual cinema club platform of their library network to embark on a journey through Sanmao's captivating world. The event will include the screening of a film adaptation of "Sanmao, the Desert Bride," followed by engaging discussions and interactive Q&A sessions with literary experts and passionate fans.

Do not miss this exceptional opportunity to celebrate the life and literary contributions of Sanmao, the Desert Bride, while discovering the beauty and depth of her unique storytelling.


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